Tutorial: Recording the Output of Other Software Programs (Internet Transmissions) on a Computer with a Screen Reader

This tutorial provides recommendations on how to avoid recording the output of a screen reader along with the sounds that you actually want to be recorded.

  • If you have the Professional or VideoPro Edition of Total Recorder and need to record an Internet transmission, then your first step is to check if the transmission to be recorded is supported for being Background recorded.

    This would be the preferred method since you will be able to use a screen reader without affecting the recording.

  • If recording in Background recording mode is impossible or you have the Standard Edition of Total Recorder, then set Total Recorder to record in Software mode using the Total Recorder kernel-mode audio driver. For this:

    1. Launch the installation of Total Recorder.
    2. In the third step of the installation wizard (next to accepting the License Agreement) click Advanced... button.
    3. In the Total Recorder driver dialog opened uncheck all options but Install kernel-mode virtual device driver. Hit OK.
    4. Complete the installation. Then reboot.
    5. Set a screen-reader to use directly your soundcard driver (not Total Recorder driver).

This page provides a common approach that will work on the majority of modern computers. But, there are also other more specific variants. Therefore, if you have difficulties in configuring the program for your intended use and you need help, contact our Support team for more specific recommendations.