Record Internet broadcasts on a user-defined schedule much like a conventional VCR, Total Recorder - captures any audio from the Internet, records audio from CD, microphone, line-in, converts any sound formats to WAVE file. Phone recording system.
Record Internet broadcasts on a user-defined schedule

The scheduler allows you to program Total Recorder so that it starts at a specific time, performs a required task (such as record or playback a file), and closes automatically.

With Total Recorder, you can set up any number of jobs to be scheduled at a particular time. For example, you can schedule a one-time job to catch a particular concert in the middle of the night or a repeated job to record a morning news program every weekday so you can listen to it later in your car.

When the scheduled time occurs, Total Recorder's scheduler will start Total Recorder and set it in recording mode. With Total Recorder Professional Edition, the Scheduler can also start a program (like Windows Media Player) or an Internet browser to start the broadcast you want to record, and then automatically close it along with Total Recorder when the recording has finished.

Just download Total Recorder Professional Edition to try the required functionality for free. If you encounter any problems with the trial version of Total Recorder or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our support team.

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