New Total Recorder v7.0 and Its Updated Add-ons

High Criteria releases new Total Recorder
- multi-purpose audio and video* recording software with a wide range of editing and sound processing capabilities.


More than 100,000 people have already chosen Total Recorder and are now eligible for a free_update. It's time for you to join them!

*provided you have the Video Add-on installed (must be purchased separately ).

Top 5 reasons to choose Total Recorder
as your recording software:

  • Total Recorder records any sound coming through your PC, including streaming audio and Internet-telephony.
  • The optional Video Add-on lets you capture video.
  • We have prepared a number of tutorials to help you to achieve your goals faster.
  • With Total Recorder's Recording Wizard, you canl easily set the proper recording parameters.
  • Free and fast technical support is provided even with the no-cost evaluation version of our products.
What's New in Total Recorder V7.0
Total Recorder is now supplied with a new kernel-mode driver:

- This makes Total Recorder fully compatible with Windows Vista (32-bit);
- It also resolves the problem of sound distortion due to incompatibility with Direct Sound. In particular, this resolves the problem of using Total Recorder with Skype 3.x

New features implemented inTotal Recorder V7.0:
for Standard Edition
Buy $17.95
Ability to export/import Total Recorder's configuration settings or scheduled jobs. This feature is useful if you need to reinstall your system, move Total Recorder from one computer to another, or you would like to have a backup copy.
Renaming of files from a playlist using tag information.
Higher speed and better file compression when encoding files to FLAC format due to the use of the latest version of FLAC sources.
- Other enhancements. Read details...
for Professional Edition
Buy $35.95

- All updates which are included in the Standard Edition.
Playback and background recording (capturing) of Internet-broadcasts in MP3, WMA, and Ogg Vorbis formats .
Time Shift feature. This feature lets you record an audio file and listen to it (from any position) while the file is being recorded.
Support for CUE-sheet files.
Total Recorder lets you create cue-points, which can be used for splitting a file afterwards. Cue points can be created manually (e.g. to make a bookmark in a sound file), or automatically during a recording session (based on pause reduction, changes of clip info in an external player, etc.), or while capturing an Internet transmission and the information about a track changes.
- Other enhancements.
Read details...

All Total Recorder add-ons have been re-released. They are now fully compatible with Windows Vista and contain a number of other enhancements. Read details...
Updated Video Add-on contains a number of new and improved features:
Buy $35.95

- Support for Windows Media Video (WMV) format.

- Ability to record from a digital DV-format camera, connected to your PC via an IEEE1394 interface.

- Watch and record TV programs from an analog TV-turner.
- Support for DV (Digital Video) in AVI (DV Type 1 or Type 2) format.
- Built-in feature for turning off Hardware Video Acceleration, which resolves the problem of capturing a "black area" while recording screen video.

Playback and background recording (capturing) of video Internet-broadcasts in WMV format.
Performance characteristics enhancements: playback has been improved and the saving of video files is now faster.
Other enhancements. Read details...