Add-on: Streaming

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The Total Recorder Streaming Add-on is a new add-on that allows real-time transfer of audio being played back or captured by Total Recorder over a local network or the Internet. Some of the uses for this add-on include the following:
  • organize a radio station in a local network
  • provide the audio source for an existing SHOUTcast- or Icecast2-compatible broadcast
  • remote monitoring of the audio being played back or captured by Total Recorder
  • send the audio from Total Recorder to a home-hardware device that can accept sources for a SHOUTcast or Icecast2 server.

This add-on can provide sources in MP3 format for SHOUTcast- or Icecast2-compatible servers and broadcast audio in WMA format. It also allows sending metadata (clip info) that can be displayed and used by network client applications (for example, by another instance of Total Recorder).

The Streaming Add-on is available free of charge.

A screen shot of the Streaming Add-on window is shown below.

Version 1.0 of the add-on requires the Professional, VideoPro, or Developer edition of Total Recorder Version 8.2 or higher.