High Criteria Announces Total Recorder V8.0 and the New VideoPro Edition!

Toronto, Canada, October 27, 2009 - High Criteria Inc., a leading developer of audio recording software, today announced the immediate availability of Total Recorder Standard Edition, Total Recorder Professional Edition, and Total Recorder Developer Edition, Version 8.0!

High Criteria is also pleased to introduce the new Total Recorder Edition called Total Recorder VideoPro Edition, which is designed for users that want to record video and audio.

This is a significant product update that includes a completely redesigned user interface along with many new features. This update is available free of charge to purchasers of previous versions of Total Recorder.


What's New in Total Recorder 8.0 (build 3750)
  • The Video Add-on is no longer available beginning with Total Recorder 8.0. However, a new Total Recorder Edition called Total Recorder VideoPro Edition is available to provide video capabilities. Besides a number of new features, the VideoPro Edition includes all of the features of Total Recorder Professional Edition with the Video Add-on, Version 7.1.
  • Total Recorder's user interface has been redesigned and restructured to provide a more intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • A new kernel-mode filter driver is introduced that simplifies the settings for recording in software mode and resolves some of the problems with older types of Total Recorder drivers.
New features implemented in Total Recorder V8.0 (build 3750)
for Standard Edition
Buy $17.95
  • Support for audio files in Monkey's Audio (APE) format is added.
  • Ability to specify a pre-defined recording level for recording from a sound board. This level is automatically set when a recording starts and the original level is restored when the recording completes.
  • Enhancements to playlist operations include the ability to find duplicates in a playlist and to sort playlist items based on their track numbers.
  • Other minor enhancements. Read details...
for Professional Edition
Buy $35.95
  • All updates which are included in the Standard Edition.
  • Total Recorder can now be set as the default system program for certain types of files.
  • Total Recorder can save an audio file with a different speed than the speed with which it was recorded.
  • Improved background-recording functionality:
      -  If a reference URL contains alternative links, Total Recorder will try to use another link when one link does not work.
      -  In the case of network problems during a scheduled background recording, Total Recorder can try to reconnect to the specified URL.
  • Many other enhancements. Read details...
for VideoPro Edition
Buy $53.95

VideoPro Edition Version 8.0 is the first version of this Total Recorder edition. It has the following features:

  • Support for video files in AVI , WMV and FLV formats.
  • Ability to capture and record all screen and audio activity on your computer, including full screen capture, region capture, window capture.
  • Record video from hardware video devices, including DVD and cassette players/recorders, USB web cameras, DV cameras, and TV tuners.
  • Watch and record Internet video transmissions in WMV format, such as Internet television.
  • Ability to convert a video file from one type to another using different video codecs.
  • Perform editing operations on a video file. Editing of a video file is performed without re-encoding that saves time and does not lead to a loss of video or audio quality.
  • Many other features. Read details...
for Developer Edition
Buy $99.95
  • Total Recorder Developer Edition 8.0 now has all of the features of Total Recorder VideoPro Edition, which means that Total Recorder Developer Edition can work with video files.

If you have any questions, comments or ideas regarding improvements to our programs, please e-mail us at support@highcriteria.com