High Criteria Announces Total Recorder V7.1 and its Video Add-On !

Toronto, Canada, October 23, 2008 - High Criteria Inc., a world leader in computer-based audio recording systems, today announced the immediate availability of Total Recorder Professional Edition, Total Recorder Standard Edition, and its Video Add-On, Version 7.1 (build 3400)!

More than 200,000 people have already chosen Total Recorder and are now eligible for a free_update. It's time for you to join them!


What's New in Total Recorder 7.1 (build 3400)
for Standard Edition
Buy $17.95
  • Windows Vista 64-bit is fully supported with the introduction of the 64-bit version of Total Recorder's kernel mode driver.
  • Support for tags is extended: Total Recorder can read ID3v2 tags for all versions (version 2.2, 2.3, and 2.4) and ability to add an artwork to the tag within the file is available now.
  • Ability to play multichannel audio files in stereo, provided that an appropriate audio codec is installed.
  • Other enhancements. Read details...
for Professional Edition
Buy $35.95
  • All updates which are included in the Standard Edition.
  • Favorites are now supported by Total Recorder. Similar to the favorites you use in a browser, such as Internet Explorer, you can do the following:
      -  Add a file, playlist, or URL to your Favorites list to organize favorites for      quick, anytime access.
      -  Use the predefined sample links.
      -  Export and import favorites for backup purposes.
      -  Maintain a history of favorites.
  • Support for slow and fast playback in a wide range of speeds. This feature lets you play an audio file at a slower or faster speed than normal while optionally preserving the original tone.
  • The process and the ability to capture a URL for background recording have been enhanced. Now you can easily obtain the exact URL of the stream using Total Recorder.
  • Other enhancements. Read details...
What's New in Total Recorder Video Add-on 7.1(build 3400)
for Video Add-on
Buy $35.95
  • Ability to slow down or speed up playback, with support for a wide range of speeds. This feature can be used for both audio and video.
  • Support for video files that contain multiple audio streams. For such files, you can:
      - Select an audio stream to play.
      - Select a particular audio stream to save as an audio file.

      - Select the audio streams to save when re-saving a video file that contains multiple audio streams.
  • Support for video files with multichannel audio streams, provided that an appropriate audio codec is installed. For example, Total Recorder can work with video files that contain audio streams in Dolby Digital (AC3) format.
  • Other enhancements. Read details...

If you have any questions, comments or ideas regarding our programsimprovement, please e-mail us at support@highcriteria.com