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High Criteria Announces Total Recorder V6.1

High Criteria Inc. announces the immediate availability of Total Recorder Professional Edition, Total Recorder Standard Edition, and Total Recorder Developer Edition, Version 6.1. with New Video Add-on!

December 6 , 2006, Toronto, Canada

High Criteria Inc, a world leader in computer audio recording systems, today announced the immediate availability of new versions of its flagship product, Total Recorder, now with new Video Add-On.

The Standard Edition, Professional Edition and the Developer Edition have all been upgraded to Version 6.1.

In addition to other standard maintenance, Total Recorder V6.1 Standard Edition offers a number of new features including:

  • Total Recorder now supports playlists in M3U, PLS and WPL format.
  • A scheduled job can be started while your computer is in standby or hibernate mode.

In addition to maintenance and the new features added to Standard Edition, Version 6.1 of the Professional and Developer Editions includes the following changes:

  • The new Video Add-on allows you to play, record, and edit video files in AVI format. You can record from a video device plugged into your computer, such as a camera, or you can capture video from your screen. You also can schedule a recording from your favourite video services and websites. Click here to learn about this exciting addition to Total Recorder!
  • Total Recorder can execute a command line after a file has been recorded or after a recording session has completed. This feature is available when recording in split mode and for a scheduling recording.
  • In addition to the ability to shut down your computer when an automatic job completes, you can now have your computer put in standby or hibernate mode.
  • Ability to save a stereo file as a mono file with channel mixing. This can be used, for example, to save the left and right channels of a stereo file to separate mono files.
  • Total Recorder can merge multiple files into a single file. A period of silence can be inserted between the files or a fading effect can be applied to the files during a merge.
  • You can use batch processing to split a number of files.
  • You can select whether you want a file permanently deleted or moved to the Recycle Bin when you delete the file.
  • Many other enhancements.

In addition to maintenance and the new features added to Professional Edition, Version 6.1 of the Developer Editions includes the following features:

  • You can obtain the source code for the symbolic language (similar to Visual Basic) that corresponds to the interface operations you performed during your current Total Recorder session. The code can be appended with other useful information you can use to write applications to control Total Recorder. This feature can greatly facilitate writing your own code to control Total Recorder Developer Edition through COM technology.

All Total Recorder V6.1 editions are immediately available and may be downloaded for evaluation and purchase from the Total Recorder Web Site. The evaluation versions of the programs will record for unlimited lengths of time, but will add an audible noise about every 60 seconds.

V6.1 Standard Edition is available for $17.95 U.S., V6.1 Professional Edition is available for $35.95 U.S., and V6.1 Developer Edition is available for $99.95 U.S. All versions are available to previous purchasers free of charge.

Video Add-On v.6.1 is available for $35.95.

Registration key formats were last changed in the following versions of Total Recorder:
Standard Edition - V6.0
Professional Edition - V6.0
Developer Edition - V6.0

New registration keys may be obtained by using the self-service registration key management system. This system uses the E-mail address under which the product was originally purchased. If this E-mail address is no longer valid, then users requiring a new key must E-mail High Criteria at support@highcriteria.com. Users should specify their registration name and E-mail address from the time they registered and their new E-mail address.

For a limited time, registered users of Total Recorder Standard Edition may upgrade to the Professional Edition for an upgrade fee of $18.00 U.S.

For a limited time, registered users of Total Recorder Professional Edition may upgrade to the Developer Edition for an upgrade fee of $64.00 U.S.

Please contact High Criteria at sales@highcriteria.com for further details regarding Total Recorder V6.1.