High Criteria Announces Total Recorder V6.0

High Criteria Inc. announces the immediate availability of Total Recorder Professional Edition, Total Recorder Standard Edition, and Total Recorder Developer Edition, Version 6.0.

May 12, 2006, Toronto, Canada

High Criteria Inc, a world leader in computer audio recording systems, today announced the immediate availability of new versions of its flagship product, Total Recorder.

The Standard Edition, Professional Edition and the Developer Edition have all been upgraded to Version 6.0.

In addition to other standard maintenance, Total Recorder V6.0 Standard Edition offers a number of new features including:

  • Support for skins which allow you to customize the look and feel of the user interface. There were several skins supplied with the program and there was also a free-of-charge Total Recorder Skin Design Tool that allowed you to develop your own skins. Now the skins are out-of-date and cannot be used with the current version of the program.
  • The Total Recorder sound driver has been enhanced and will now allow you to record several scheduled recordings at the same time.
  • Monitoring mode allows you to monitor sound signals passed through Total Recorder when it is not recording. You can preview the sound levels before you begin an actual recording.
  • A new display facility allows users to see a consolidated display of the activities of all audio applications running on the PC.
  • Ogg Vorbis is now supported through a free-of-charge Ogg Vorbis Add-On. This add-on is based on the latest Ogg Vorbis engine.
  • A new Recording Wizard allows you to easily specify your recording settings. The Wizard can walk you through the setups for a variety of different recording scenarios.

In addition to maintenance and the new features added to Standard Edition, Version 6.0 of the Professional and Developer Editions includes the following changes:

  • A Send to iTunes/iPod Add-on. This add-on allows you to send files directly to an iPod or iTunes
  • Significant updates have been made to the Sound image window. Some of the improvements include the ability to alter the time scale and the amplitude scale of the Window, and the image can now be displayed in either amplitude form (as was previously provided) or in wave form.
  • Additional options for Splitting audio files are provided.
  • In the scheduler, you can now specify a time when Total Recorder will establish an Internet connection and then wait until the scheduled recording starts.
  • The ability to insert periods of silence into a recording file.
  • Other maintenance enhancements.

All Total Recorder V6.0 editions are immediately available and may be downloaded for evaluation and purchase from the Total Recorder Web Site. The evaluation versions of the programs will record for unlimited lengths of time, but will add an audible noise about every 60 seconds.

V6.0 Standard Edition is available for $17.95 U.S., V6.0 Professional Edition is available for $35.95 U.S., and V6.0 Developer Edition is available for $99.95 U.S. All versions are available to previous purchasers free of charge.

Registration key formats were last changed in the following versions of Total Recorder:
Standard Edition - V6.0
Professional Edition - V6.0
Developer Edition - V6.0

New registration keys may be obtained by using the self-service registration key management system. This system uses the E-mail address under which the product was originally purchased. If this E-mail address is no longer valid, then users requiring a new key must E-mail High Criteria at support@highcriteria.com. Users should specify their registration name and E-mail address from the time they registered and their new E-mail address.

For a limited time, registered users of Total Recorder Standard Edition may upgrade to the Professional Edition for an upgrade fee of $18.00 U.S.

For a limited time, registered users of Total Recorder Professional Edition may upgrade to the Developer Edition for an upgrade fee of $64.00 U.S.

Please contact High Criteria at sales@highcriteria.com for further details regarding Total Recorder V6.0.